William Polly, 11-Year-Old World-Stacking Champ, Stacks Cups Really Fast

WASHINGTON – 11-year-old Arlington, Va., resident William Polly tying a world record last week in a sport we didn’t know existed until 10 minutes ago.

The idea of cup stacking — known as “sport stacking” — is to “upstack” and “downstack” cups in a particular formation, at the fastest possible speed. In this video, Polly is stacking the “3-6-3” formation at the 2012 US National Sport Stacking Championships. (Yes, this sport has national championships! It also has a governing body, the World Sport Stacking Association.)

Polly completes the stack in 1.96 seconds.

Last year, when Polly set a world record in the 3-3-3 stacking event, he told The Washington Post he practiced for up to three hours a day.

ARLNow reports that Polly now “has his name on three of the five sport stacking world records.” Polly won the title of Individual All-Around Champion at last week’s competition; as you can see in the video, he’s really fast at stacking cups.

20 September 2013 | 24,331 Comments | Cupstacker Admin