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Do you think you can be the next Cup Stacking® champion? Do you want to learn how to blaze through a 3-3-3, 3-6-3 or 1-10-1? Your path to fame and admiration starts here. Learn the fastest techniques to each up and down stack slowly and pick up speed as you master the moves.

Have fun, stack early, stack often, stack fast!

Oros’ Pro Tip: These instructions have been written for right-handed stackers. If you are left handed, simply swop the left and right hands in the instructions. Practise each step several times before moving on to the next step.

3-stack The 3 Stack
Master the most basic stack in Cup Stacking® & you’re well on your way…
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Video1Video: Stacking Basics
Learn the basics with William Polly!
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3-3-3stack The 3-3-3 Stack
Get ready for your first competitive stack in Cup Stacking®
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Video2Video: Stacking Equipment
Find out about the tools of the trade…
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6-stack The 6 Stack
The fastest way to build a 6 stack is called the 3-2-1 method. Learn how…
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Video3Video: Multi-Player Games
You don’t have to go it alone…
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3-6-3stack The 3-6-3 Stack
Ready for next challenge? Combine what you’ve learned in the 3-6-3 stack…
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Video4Video: Rules and Tips
Get the lowdown from William Polly…
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Cycle-1-10-1 The Cycle Stack
This is the big daddy of all competitive stacks…
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Video5Video: Slow Motion Replay
See world-class Cup Stacking® in slow mo…
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Video6Video: Introducing the pro
William Polly says hi…
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