The Cycle Stack


This is the big daddy of all competitive stacks. And this is how to do it:

First, stack a 3-6-3, followed by a 6-6 and a 1-10-1. Remember to end each stack right where you started, a down stacked 3-6-3. There are seven steps to learn. Are you ready?

Step 1: Up-stack the 3-6-3

  • Up stack a 3-6-3 from left to right.
  • Oros’ Pro Tip: Use what you’ve learned in previous stacks.

Step 2: Down stack the 3-6-3 and transition to the 6-6.

  • Return to the left and down stack the first 3 and then the 6. Down stack the last 3 on the right and bring that over to the 3 on the left but don’t put them on that 3. You already in the starting position for the 6-6.
*Oros’ Pro Tip: Fly through this stack faster by using only your right hand to down stack the last 3 on the right while your left hand positions itself over the 3 on the left. You’ll be in position sooner to stack up the first 6.
Step 3: Up stack the 6-6.

  • Using the 3-2-1 method, up stack the first “6”.
  • Now up stack the second “6” using the same method.

Step 4: Down stack the 6-6 and transition to the 1-10-1

  • Use the first “6” (partially down stacked with three cups in each hand) to down stack second “6”” as shown. Finish with all 12 cups in a down-stack position.
  • Now you are ready for the 1-10-1.
Step 5: Place Single Cups
Take one cup in each hand off the top of that “12”, flipping one upside down (you choose which one) and place on either side of what is now a 10-stack.

*Oros’ Pro Tip: To place the upside-down cup, it’s easier to turn your hand, thumb down and palm facing out.

Step 6: Up Stack 10 (5-4-1 method)
Using the 5-4-1 method, pick up five cups in your right hand first and then four in your left. This leaves one cup. Start with your right hand and drop one cup to the right of the remaining cup. Then drop one cup to the left with your left hand. Now drop one to the right with your right hand forming the base of four. Next, drop one from left hand on the center of the second level. From here, alternate “right, left, right, left, fight” to compete the “10”. Only one more step to go!

*Oros’ Pro Tip: Memorise the “right, left, right center’, then use the 3-2-1 method to complete the 10.

Step 7: Down Stack the “10”…
Grab single cups with hands in the same position as you placed them. The hand on the upside down cup placed thumb down, palm out, remember?
With single cups in each hand, bring them into position above the “10”, ready to down stack. Then drag both hands diagonally down from the upper left to lower right through the 10. Right hand takes down four outer cups, while the left hand takes down the inner “3”.

*Oros’ Pro Tip: The left hand with the single cup actually knocks three inner cups down, one on to another, and remains in the air ready to down stack the remaining 3-cup pyramid.

… and end in 3-6-3. You are amazing!
Right hand then pick up all five cups and bring them up, right beside the left hand holding the single cup. Both hands now “drag’ diagonally down from the upper right to lower left through the remaining 3 stack. Left hand takes down two outer cups, while the right hand places five cups on to the single cup in the middle. Do you see how we ended in a 3-6-3 just like we started? You did it! Celebrate with a massive glass of Oros or two!

*Oros’ Pro Tip: Now practise the Cycle Stack over and over. Remember, go slow and Stack Fast later.
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