The 6 Stack


The fastest way to build a 6 stack is called the 3-2-1 method. Learn this method and remember, practise makes perfect.

Up Stacking

Start with six cups stacked one on top of another.

  • Pick up three cups in your right hand first and then two in your left hand leaving one on the table.
  • Release the bottom cup in your right hand to the right of the centre cup. Release the bottom cup from your left hand to the left of the centre cup. These three cups will form the base of your pyramid.
  • Release the next cup in your right hand on top of the centre and right cups that form the base. Set the cup in your left hand next to it. Set the last cup (in right hand) on top.
*Oros’ Pro Tip: When picking up more than one cup at a time, hold the loose cups in place with your pinky underneath the bottom cup. Spread the cups apart with your fingers.
*Oros’ Pro Tip: Alternate your hands “right, left, right left, right”.

Down Stacking

Place your hands around sides of the cups as shown.

  • At the same time, slide down right with your right hand and down left with your left hand.
  • Pick up three cups in your right and two cups in your left hand and put them back on top of the middle cup to make a stack of six.
  • Done! Practise, practise, practise and celebrate your success with a cold glass of Oros!

*Oros’ Pro Tip: Down stack the “6” in just two moves.

  • Move 1: Slide both hands down and out at the same time.
  • Move 2: Pick up cups and place on the center cup at same time.
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