The 3-6-3 Stack


Ready for next challenge? Combine what you’ve learned in making a 3 and 6 stack in the 3-6-3 stack.

You’ll get to use all 12 cups from your set. Have fun practising. Race a friend and time yourself with your StackMat® or simply use your cellphone as a timer. Chart your personal best and try to beat it. Keep practising and watch your time improve!

  • Start with three piles of cups, stacked in piles of three, six and three (see where we’re going with this?).
  • Start from left to right, stack up the 3, then the 6 then the 3.
  • Then go to the beginning to stack down in the same order. These are the rules of Cup Stacking®.
*Oros’ Pro Tip: Start off slowly at first and you will stack fast later. Use the 3-2-1 method on the 6 stack.
Rule: Fix your “fumbles” before you move on to the next stack.
19 September 2013 | 0 Comments | Cupstacker Admin

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